Get on Mission.  Experience God.

Life is crazy busy.  Reality is that our life with God often gets our left over energy.  Change that.  Take a week to focus entirely on pursuing God and serving others, and see what God might do.

Go Teams serve as a catalyst.  Helping our partners and participants Go FARTHER, FASTER.

Go Team participants find as they step out of their comfort zone and immerse themselves in God, they are experiencing fresh stirrings of the Holy Spirit.  You don’t have to be a rock star Christian to go on a Go Team.  They are for ordinary people like you who want to be a part of something extraordinary.

Go Team Partners are carefully selected ministries that have ongoing long term work.   Our projects give them a burst of energy to help them in their mission.


Apr 19-May 3, 2018

Help run a camp for orphans in rural Zambia


June 16-25, 2018


Aug 31 – Sept 9, 2018

DR Men’s

April 7-15, 2018

DR Co-Ed

Nov 3-10, 2018

Family Urban Serve

Spring, Dates TBD

A weekend exposure to serving in our local community.

Family Regional

July 25-29

Our team will serve a growing Spanish-speaking population in Kearney.


June 4-9

A fun camp experience for abused and neglected
Omaha kids and teens.


July 20-22

A fun camp experience for abused and neglected
Omaha kids and teens.

TRAC Girls

July 13-15

A fun camp experience for abused and neglected
Omaha kids and teens.

Is the cost of the trip an obstacle for you?  Consider using our fund raising tool or requesting a scholarship.


We provide a fund raising tool for all Go Team participants.  Many have found this a very helpful tool and they raise between $500-$1000 per trip.   A link to this fundraising tool is given to participants after their first training meeting.

Fundraising is done through a third party website called “Managed Missions”.   You might think of this like a personal webpage where people can donate to your trip right on that page.  We set it up for you, and then all you do is add some personal information to your profile –just like you would to a facebook page.  Then you invite friends and family to view your page via social media.


Scholarships are available to help reduce the cost of the trip for a participant where the trip cost is an obstacle.  Scholarships are awarded:  1) based on need and availability of funds,  2) in $50 increments up to half of the trip cost,  3) one per calendar year and limited to two per 3-year period.

If you would like to apply for a scholarship, click the button below.  All information on the Scholarship Application will remain confidential to the office staff.

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